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Ape Xact March 3, 2020
"I have only got a diagnosis and estimate here. The diagnosis and estimate was quick, clear to understand and honest. I ended up doing the work myself because it was a decent amount of money. The prices were reasonable for the repair and the amount of time and effort they would have had to put into it. This is a shop you can trust just going to and getting a fix for a fair price."
David Peterson February 19, 2020
"My experience was excellent. It was the first time working with them. Kapp was very efficient and professional. Very clean and professional mechanic shop."
Cameron Bigler December 3, 2019
"I've been coming to Kapp's for 6 years now and can confidently say that If you live anywhere near Utah County and have a German-made vehicle, Kapp's is the only place you want to go for maintenance and repairs. Sam and his crew are not only extremely experienced and qualified, but also very fair minded and thoughtful about their work."
Wes Baker October 31, 2019
"Sam is as honest and helpful as they come and the only place we trust to work on our European cars."
Mark L. October 29, 2019
"Honest mechanics with great expertise on European auto repair."
Alex Brady July 19, 2019
"I'm the type that normally does my own work, but when I was in over my head on a major job for my AMG Mercedes Kapp's really took care of me. Top notch work, excellent customer service. If you have a high performance European car, these are the guys to go to."