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Derek McKinney July 24, 2020
"Kapp's European the only place I'll ever take my Golf R. Not only are they professional, their prices can't be beat. Couldn't recommend them more!"
Erik Wright July 4, 2020
"I feel compelled to say a few words about this shop from my recent service I received on my 16 yr old son’s 2003 Mini Cooper.__(Back story) My son and I purchased this car after months of looking for the right one; knowing that regardless of the 1st gen Mini Cooper we would find, it would more than likely require some maintenance. That was the case for this vehicle - while it was well maintained by the original owner, we knew that it had a slow leak from what appeared to come from the oil filter gasket.__After a few weeks of getting to know the car we researched qualified shops to take in for an oil change and diagnostic. Making a reservation was a breeze and convenient even in these COVID times. When I came back and picked up the car we learned that not only was it leaking from oil filter housing, but it also leaked from the oil pan, and the timing cover! Argh! The frustration - bigger issue than we had thought but necessary to keep the car running well.__My first impression was perhaps a bit skeptical not having ever been at this shop before; however, that skepticism quickly faded as my conversation with Sam continued. Sam really seemed to have a professional interest in the car and he wasn’t pressuring me to get the work done right away. My initial impression of Kapp’s is that these guys are are true enthusiasts of the cars they work on - an impression I never had with the reputable shop I service my 1st Gen Tundra that i love.__This would be a good place to end a good review but this isn’t the reason why I feel so compelled to publish a review about this shop.__A day after bringing the car home my son noticed coffee can lid size oil marks where the car had been parked in the driveway. ‘Considerably worse than it was before’. I knew that this would be the ‘acid test’ whether or not that this shop would be worthy of the reviews I had read. Upon learning of this, Sam seemed legitimately concerned and even offered to send a tow truck to bring the car back to the shop if I felt it to be critical.__Sam made it clear that he would find the cause - and in the back of my mind I was determined, and adamant, that they would ‘make it right’ as anyone returning to a shop would. And that’s what they did! They literally tore it apart again chasing theories and scoping the engine for clues. As they did this, I was sickened with thoughts of having bought a car that may never drive again, yet Sam’s professionalism and tenacity to find and fix the problem shined through. They were relentless and what impressed me, they were working on and gave a ton of attention to a 16 year old Mini not a late model BMW worth thousands of dollars - yet you would never know the difference. This is where their integrity came into play - I can say from my experience with this shop that they are honest in their work. They even recognized work they had done for the original owner and were willing to stand behind their work regardless of who owned it. Who does that?!__Sam - thank you for all the work you and your tech put into my son’s car. I recognize what you had done and appreciate it, my son is grateful to be back driving, and I’m happy I haven’t had to clean my drive way! You can be sure we will always look to you and your shop for service."
Annette Chiniquy June 24, 2020
"Dream car store, xoxo"
Nick huntsman May 29, 2020
"Can't say how much of a headache Kapps has saved me. I have a newer model S5 that I have had a friend working on for me. After running into issues with the Turbo we took it to 4 different shops including the Audi dealership and not one of them could figure out how to fix it. They would claim to fix other issues and charge me for it, but never fix the turbo issue. The dealer offered to take the engine apart at a price 5 times what I would end up paying Kapps. I decided against the dealership and found Kapps as our last resort. Kapps was able to quickly and effectively diagnose the problem. They had my car fixed within 24 hours with the turbo working at full performance. It completely changed the car. They cost less than 1/4 of what the dealership wanted to charge and they fixed the problem. I would highly recommend this shop. I own several Audi's and foreign cars and will be taking them to Kapps from now on. You have earned a customer for life."
Mike Blasi May 18, 2020
"Honest locally owned BMW, Porsche, Mercedes Benz repair facility from owners and technicians that know and love European cars. Most comprehensive and detailed pre-purchase inspection I've ever had."
Logan Downey April 30, 2020
"I took my bmw to get the window fixed because the regulator broke to bring it up and down. After getting it back, it did not go down all the way like the other windows. I called them and they were very sincere about the slight issue. These men and especially the man at the front desk are very professional about their business and will take care of you with a very fair price. Much love to you guys at Kapps European Auto. Service/Performance. If you have a issue with your European car, I recommend coming here all day any day."