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Dastrup Auto March 21, 2019
"Excellent service and excellent repairs! Sam and his crew really know their stuff with any European car!"
G M3 March 11, 2019
"Sam and his team are amazing. While I haven't totaled the amount that Sam has saved me over the years, it's likely in the thousands. I can count on him to provide accurate diagnoses and to find the most cost-effective way to fix and maintain my cars. I have no hesitation recommending anyone with a European car to use Kapp's services."
Little Bones January 7, 2019
"Really kind staff "
Daniel Simmonds September 11, 2018
"I own two Volvo’s and absolutely love them, but couldn’t find a decent mechanic that wasn’t the dealership to work on them until I found Kapps. They charge very reasonable prices considering parts for Europeans are always expensive. As long as Kapps stays around, I will always have a mechanic I can trust for my cars."
John Daines August 2, 2018
"I have nothing but positive remarks to make about Kapps. The owner worked with me the whole time and was very communicative about the process and the price. I definitely will be coming back when I am not capable of doing the work myself."
Jackson Larkin August 1, 2018
"Posting for my dad Dan Purser:_Sam at Kapp’s European Auto Repair is amazing, fair, and exceptionally good — especially with Mercedes’ electronic glitches or weird problems. After many months of looking and planning (and then like an idiot) I bought a very low mile 2003 Mercedes S500 4matic online from New Jersey. The CarFax was clean, and I even randomly called and had them drive it around while I watched and filmed through my iPhone via Facetime. No problems. So I paid cash for the car and had it shipped to me and within three days it died, locked down (??!!?) and the dealership refused my calls. I am a pretty good mechanic with these W211 and W220 Mercedes (or thought I was — hah!) but I began to realize I was screwed. It had some crazy electronic glitch that sent it into seizures every time I tried to start it. UGH! I wanted to throw up. In desperation I took it to the Mercedes dealership in Lindon (now long gone) who swore they’d figured out the problem. $1500 later no results. Inoperable as could be. I snagged it back from the stealership (had to be tricky), and had it towed to Kapp’s in Orem. Sam Kapp (the smart proprietor) researched it online for fun and figured it was the legendary messed up car given the name of the “Silver Ghost” because no one could figure it out. Well, after nine months of digging Sam did and hardly charged me for it! Said it a challenge he was determined to win! My kinda mechanic. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!"