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Jeremy Jensen April 18, 2015
"I have used Kapp's European a number of times. They have been pleasant to deal with on my 2004 BMW 330i. I have had the car in to them multiple times for different issues. Each time they were friendly, helpful, and performed the work in a timely manner and at the estimated costs. Three of my family members also use Kapp's for their BMW's and VW's. They have been equally pleased. I strongly recommend using Kapp's!"
Chris Forbes August 2, 2014
"Hunted down and described my issue. They saved me an expensive repair and gave my 335i back it's power."
Jeremy Plouzek May 3, 2013
"So great to have honestest mechanics who are also car enthusiasts! You just earned my business forever."
Douglas Turnquist January 17, 2013
"I've utilized Kapp's services for service and repair of my 'street use' Porsche 930 as well as my Porsche 951 race car. Specifically, Kapp's has done work for me as minimal as tracking down electrical demons, eliminating strange rattles, and installing a new clutch and as sophisticated as performing a full engine rebuild, roll cage fabrication, and suspension tuning among many other things. I've been utilizing their services since 2010.__I'm very happy with the work they have performed for me, and with the great customer service and support that has accompanied this work. I recommend friends to Kapp's without hesitation."
Doug Coombs May 8, 2012
"Worked on my 96 Mercedes SL 500. Wasn't the cheapest, but I don't care, the work was done well, on time, and for the amount estimated - in my experience that will save time and money in the long run. In one instance a mistake was made, and they fixed it and owned up to the responsibility with no muss or fuss. Only one other time have I been loyal to an auto shop, rarely have I been able to take my car back to the same non-dealer service center twice. I have been back to Kapp's once already, and will be back next time I need to - repeat business is the greatest complement/endorsement I can give.____________________I am editing this review as the information above was from 2012 or 2013 and I wanted to provide some additional information.__In short I continue to use Kapps, and in fact, Kapps has influenced my families buying decisions by keeping us from even looking at Japanese brands because Kapps works only on European models.__More detail below:__Since the review above I have used Kapps (Sam and his team) for a lot of work on my wife's ML500, my S600 and SL55 (replaced the SL500 in previous review). The S600 and SL55 were cars I purchased out of state, sight unseen. In both cases (especially the SL55) I purchased the cars for far less than market value, knowing that they had issues others had given up on, and with the confidence that Kapps would be able to help me whip them into shape.__I have used Mercedes of Lindon for work as well (still do for rare dealer specific items), and don't have anything bad to say about them, but for me Sam adds three important dimensions:__1- A little less expensive than the dealer__2- Dead on honest (to be clear I am NOT saying Mercedes of Lindon is not honest), on a couple of occasions I have had issues arise shortly after my car was worked on at Kapps. When Sam called me with the diagnosis he has said things like "this was right around where we were working, there is a chance that we caused this problem, so we are not going to charge you for fixing it." I would have never known that these were not simply problems that came up, Sam didn't have to tell me, he could have just charged me, but he didn't. This is the ONLY time in my life I have had a shop that I feel I can really trust to be honest with me.__3- As a reviewer mentioned below, Kapps does not shy away from, what I will call, interesting scenarios. In the case below it was modified cars, in my case it is 'problem children' that have been abandoned. Kapps has worked through issues until we have them all resolved, and at what I consider more than a fair price.__Finally, I recommend Kapps to my friends, the highest praise I can give."